Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine Does Seattle

The current issue of the Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine includes a large section on the Seattle blues music scene. I think that the cover photo (above) is very representative.

Commenting on this content wouldn't be prudent.  Not gonna do it!  Well, on second thought, I do have one question, and just one tiny comment:

First, who in the heck is Seattle guitarist Jim Allchin, and why is he being credited with "blazing a path in contemporary blues?"  True, I see that he has one of the basic requirements of all the great blues guitarists nailed down - he is a retired Microsoft executive. Plus, he has released some vanity CDs. But has anyone ever seen him actually perform outside of a studio?  In a nightclub or a concert?  Anywhere?

Second, I  absolutely love this photo of Bobby Murray, Robert Cray, and a tiny dog:

You can find out about the band I play in, the Boneyard Preachers, here.  See you at the nightclub!