Monday, May 14, 2007

Jason Ricci returns to the Highway 99 Blues Club.

If you are harmonica player or simply a fan of harmonica music, you should go to the Highway 99 Blues Club this Thursday, May 17th, and see Jason Ricci & New Blood. Jason (left) has an amazing facility on the harp, unlike anyone that I've ever seen.

This band is constantly on the road playing dates all over the country, and recently signed a recording deal with Delta Groove Productions.

The music? Well it's sort of a mixture of blues, funk, and jam-band tunes, I guess. These guys give it their all, so be prepared for some long sets played with terrific intensity. I'll try to meet you down there!

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Mike Lynch said...

Jason put on a great show, as usual. Disappointing turnout, though. That night was the first time I ever heard anyone bend an octave on the harp - totally nuts!