Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bo Diddley has been hospitalized with a stroke.

By David Brewer

I got a call from my friend Don who played drums for Bo Diddley (left, back in the day) for years. He gave me the news that Bo had a stroke after playing a concert in Ohio last Sunday.

I played with him many times while I was touring with Albert Collins, most memorably a three-night stand when my band backed him at a place called the Under The Rail in downtown Seattle. He was really funny and a great player who everybody copied, from Buddy Holley to the Rolling Stones.

My father had a stroke three years ago and it finally took his life, so I know how debilitating they can be. I just wanted to make sure everybody in the Blues community says a prayer for him and remembers where the groove comes from.

And oblige..Brewer

Click here for more information on Bo Diddley's condition.

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Katha said...

I heard from a friend in Crete, Nebraska that Bo was hospitalized in Omaha -- he was playing a show out there in the heartland.(This fellow is retiring and had just made his farewell slogan Bo's 'I may look like a farmer but I'm a lover, you can't tell a book by lookin at the cover.')

Speedy recovery!