Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog this!

This just in from David Brewer (below), just back from Atlanta and San Diego, and soon to leave for Europe again.

Hey Kids,

Well I'm back off the road for a minute, just long enough to wash clothes, do a Friday night show at the Eagles, then gone again.

My little solo shows went better than expected and I had a good time although I'm tired. Only one thing put the kibosh on my trip - the price of gas !!! Holy shit, I spent up all of what I'd planned to profit, but after all, it is the Blues !!!!

Just a couple of things I wanted to say: First off, I'd like to thank everyone who voted me in to the (WBS) Hall of Fame - I appreciate it. Also, I've heard a lot about the passing of Paul deLay, all much deserved, I must say. He'll be missed for sure.

I'd just like to give a tip of the hat to the late, great Cary Bell. I was sad to hear that he was gone. He was a blues giant, one of the Mississippi Godfathers. As some of you might know, he chose to cover one of my tunes ("Bad Habits") on his CD "Good Luck Man," and I was very proud that he would do it. There's another big hole in the blues because he is gone. Thanks for putting my song in the history books, Carey. Sail on, man, sail on....

And oblige, Brewer...


Anonymous said...

Hey, who's the babe in the background of that pic? Heh.

Mike Lynch said...

Is that you, Leslie?

Anonymous said...

Yep. Headless, but the important parts show. Pic taken by Clancy Dunigan. See the whole thing on under Guests. Just a little PLUG, there.