Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Preachers play the 88 Keys - 1/28/13

On January 28th we played at the 88 Keys Dueling Piano & Sports Bar in the downtown Seattle Pioneer Square area.  We were there to participate in a combination video taping of Marlee Walker's Blues To Do public access TV show and a simulcast on the NWCZ Internet radio show Mighty Mouth Blues hosted by Oogie Richards and Sweet Danny Ray.

There were actually three bands that played a set a piece this night: The Blues Cousins (from Moscow, Russia), the Boneyard Preachers, and Blues On Tap (the club's regular  Wednesday night jam session band).  The members of the Cousins and Preachers were briefly interviewed between sets, and Blues On Tap hosted a jam session afterwards.

The Blues Cousins, a power trio, played a buzzy set of blues rock, that even included the Beatles' "Come Together" as their finale.  Their regular bass player couldn't make the trip so local bassist Farko Dosumov (Randy Oxford Band) filled in for him.

The Blues Cousins.  Left to right: Slava Ignatov, Levan Lomidze, and Farko Dosumov.

The Preachers played next, and I was pretty happy with our set.  Tim Sherman told me that he didn't think that he was really "on" that night, but I think that the fans in attendance would beg to differ!

The Boneyard Preachers. Left to right: Tim Sherman, Mike Lynch, Conrad Ormsby, Patty Mey, and Steve Yonck.  Photo by Pamela Eaton-Ford.

The band took off shortly after our set, and I hung around for a little while to watch the jam session.  The 88 Keys is a very large, nice club with a great stage and house sound system.  However, this is not really a full-time live music venue.  The club depends mostly on sports fans for their revenue after games.  Otherwise, they do the dueling piano thing on Friday and Saturday, the Blues To Do event on Mondays, and the jam session on Wednesdays.  Too bad, it would be fun to play there again!

If we get a video worth posting, I will make it available here soon.

See you at the nightclub!

Check out the Boneyard preachers here:

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