Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Preachers' gig at Engle's Pub - 1/25/13

The Preachers played at the tiny Engle's Pub in downtown Edmonds, WA last month, and had a pretty good time while we were at it.

How tiny is it?  Well, there no stage, we can only set up one PA speaker, the pool table is behind the band, and we have to be careful not to block the hallway to the restrooms with our gear.  This is a three hour gig, so we were out of there by midnight.

Engle's Pub, looking towards the front door.  The folks at the table on the left came all the way from Victoria, BC to see the Preachers!

The bandstand.

Surprisingly (to me, anyway), this place gets pretty crowded with folks that like listening to blues!  The most popular dance tune?  Our new original, "The Boneyard Preacher" (think Slim Harpo meets Alfred Hitchcock).  Also, two of our pals (bassist Tom Roesch, and guitarist Chris Stevens) dropped in to play with us at the beginning of the last set.  The owner wants us to come back, so it's all good!

I did meet a couple of interesting folks there.  The first was a guy that got all huffy when I told him that we didn't know "Mustang Sally" (sorry bro!), or any classic rock tunes.  He left, I think.  The second was a female singer that seemed to want to sit in really bad - after listening to our first set she asked me if we knew how to play a 12-bar blues (!).  No, but hum a few bars, and maybe we can fake it!

See you at the nightclub!

Check out the Boneyard Preachers here:


Michael Lynch said...

The fact that people were dancing to "Boneyard Preacher," a tune that we have only played a few times live (sometimes good, sometimes not so good), tells me that we are on the right track with that tune. We were able to get it a little more organized at rehearsal yesterday. Keep an ear out for it!

Paddy said...

Can't wait to here your new tune, Playboy! Another instrumental?

Michael Lynch said...

Nope, a mysterioso vocal. Tim does have another original instrumental called "Short Dogs" that we are working on though.