Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reissue Bassman LTD project

I recently traded my very nice Fender Vibrolux Reverb for a very nice (practically new) Fender Bassman LTD amp.  The Vibrolux is a great guitar amp, but I was never really happy with how it sounded for harp, no matter what mic I used with it.

There's a new Bassman in town.

The Bassman LTD is Fender's reissue of the coveted 1959 Bassman, which was a failure as a bass amp but a very successful guitar amp.  It's a printed circuit board amp unlike the hand wired original, and is rated at 45-watts of output into four 10" reissue Jensen alnico speakers.  The channels can be jumped on this amp, which is a good thing!

However, I have never been crazy about the reissue Jensen speakers, and they sound kind of harsh to my ears in this amp.  Stoop Down gave me a box of ruined CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) alnico speakers recently, so I am going to have them reconed and try them out in the Bassman.  These are the same speakers that are found in many of the mid to late '60s Fender Super Reverbs.


I can have all four of these speakers reconed for about the price of a single new Weber Jensen clone, so it is worth a shot.  Hopefully, I can get these into the Bassman before our gig next month at Leatherheads Pub in Stanwood. 

See you at the nightclub!

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