Monday, August 06, 2007

Snoqualmie Blues Festival - August 4th, 2007

I heard some great music at the Snoqualmie Blues Festival last Saturday. This festival is organized by our friend Phil Chesnut, and it's always a laid back event and a good spot to see some of the local blues heroes during the daylight hours. It wasn't even too hot for a change.

Now, if they would just find a way to move the event to a grassy spot instead of the usual dusty gravel parking lot, it would be perfect! Can you get on that for us, Phil??

Here's some photos for ya'll:

Kim Field & the Mighty Titans of Tone

Kim Field - photo by the Blues Boss.

Steve Yonck - photo by the Blues Boss.

Eric Daw - photo by the Blues Boss.

Billy Spaulding and Brady Millard-Kish - photo by the Blues Boss.

The Mark Dufresne Band

Mark Dufresne - photo by Zab.

The Broomdust Blues Band

Left to right: Garret Smith, John Widell, Bubba McCoy, David Hudson, and Greg Roberts - photo by Zab.

Johnny Broomdust - photo by Zab.

Blues fans Daddy Treetops and Mike Lynch - photo by Zab.

A guitar with some mojo - photo by Zab.

The Crossroads Band

Dennis Ellis - photo by Zab.

Steve Bailey - photo by Zab.

Left to right: Dan Newton, John Lee, and Dennis Ellis - Photo by Zab.

John Rockwell - photo by Zab

The Robbie Laws Bigger Blues Band

Left to right: Charlene Grant, Robbie Laws, unknown keyboardist - photo by Zab.

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