Friday, August 17, 2007

Kurt Crandall & True Story

Salmon Bay Eagles Club - August 17, 2007

I checked out Kurt Crandall's new band at the Salmon Bay Eagles Club last night. A recent transplant from Chicago, Kurt and his fiance, Stephanie, moved to Seattle earlier this year. I believe that this was actually the band's second gig - they played at the Upstage Restaurant in Pt. Townsend a couple of weeks ago. The band is still looking for a full-time bass player, so Tom Roesch (from the John Stephan Band) has been filling in on bass.

The band was swinging, and Kurt generously shared the stage with several Seattle blues stalwarts, including guitarist Steve Yonck, and harp players Kim Field, Paul Green, and Kevin Walsh. Oh yeah, I sang a couple of tunes too - thanks Kurt!

Check these guys out when you get a minute - they play the blues, the whole blues, and nothin' but the blues!

Kurt Crandall & True Story - Left to right: Kurt Crandall, David Hudson, Tom Roesch, and Tim Sherman.

Curt Crandall and Kim Field

Kurt Crandall, David Hudson, Paul Green, Tom Roesch, and Steve Yonck

Kurt Crandall and Mike Lynch

Kim Field, Steve Yonck, Dana Pellegrini, Emily, and Kevin Walsh

Stephanie , Mike Lynch, Jeff Herzog, Kurt Crandall, and Tim Sherman

Gaby and Mark Bristol. Mark is the publisher of Blue Suede News.

Daddy Treetops and Hayley

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