Thursday, February 23, 2006

Northwest Blues Quiz

By Uncle Ray Varner

1. Name Seattle's Big Time Bluesman.

2. Paul deLay, Jim Mesi, and Lloyd Jones started their careers in what Portland band?

3. Name the frontman for Eugene Oregon's seventies blues band, the Nighthawks.

4. Name the Tacoma drummer that was the first drummer in the Robert Cray Band.

5. What is Junior Earl's given name?

6. Name the longtime Seattle resident who wrote "Goin' Back to Oakland."

7. Who is the author of "Harmonicas, Harps, and Heavy Breathers?"

8. What Seattle drummer played with King Floyd?

9. Name the folk/blues guitarist and former owner of the Takomah record label that ended up living in a homeless shelter in Salem, Oregon.

10. Name the Louisiana bass player who puked in the parking lot of the Jolly Roger on the Roger's closing night. Hint: He formerly played with Fernest and the Thunders.

Bonus. What sixties rock/blues guitar icon (now deceased) played and lived in Eugene, Oregon for many years? Hint: The Sunflower.

Note: A Harmonica Playboy & the Midnight Movers CD will be sent to the first reader that can answer the ten questions above.


T-Boy said...

OK... here goes. I had to guess at a couple but I am hoping the bonus question puts me over the top. I already have the fantastic "Lick My Soul" cd but if I win I can play it twice as often.
1.Isaac Scott 2.Brown Sugar 3.Curtis Salgado 4.Tom Murphy 5.Don McNeff
6.Tom McFarland 7.Kim Field 8.Leslie "Stardrums" Milton 9.John Fahey 10.Clarence Etienne Bonus:Henry Vestine

Mike Lynch said...

WE HAVE A WINNER!! Jeeze, that was fast. Actually, you missed # 10 (answer: Lee Zeno - Oh what a night that was!), but you got the Sunflower's name right. E-mail your address to me, Tom, and I'll send you the CD. You can give it away at one of your gigs.

Nick V. said...

Mike, Damn! I remember just getting in to Seattle in 85'and hanging at the Fremont. What a great era. I'll have to look for some pics for ya. Vigarino