Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blues Nachos

The recipe for this tasty blues treat comes to us from Seattle guitarist David Brewer (left, at his secret lair somewhere in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area). David is currently working on his strategy for world domination of the music industry after the release of his newest CD "Absolutely." That CD can be purchased at the CD Baby web site.


1. Before hitting the road after the gig, stop by the nearest convenience store and buy one of those single-serving boxes of corn flakes and a can of Cheeze Whiz.

2. Go to the men's room and open the box of corn flakes.

3. Squirt the Cheeze Whiz liberally over the corn flakes.

4. Heat the corn flakes/Cheeze Whiz combo for a couple of minutes under the hand dryer until the cheeze melts into the flakes.

5. Garnish with some canned jalapeno peppers. Enjoy with the 40 ounce beer of your choice.


Mike Lynch said...

Mr. Brewer tells me that this recipe can be spiced up with a couple of those leftover packets of Burger King catsup that can usually be found in the glove box.

Anonymous said...

Any word on Mr. Brewer's performances? gonna be in Seattle August 4..