Monday, December 28, 2009

Jimmy Reed show with the Maxwell Street Revivalists

I played with the Maxwell Street Revivalists at the Highway99 Blues Club on December 17th. We featured the music of the great Jimmy Reed during the gig, and really had a ball doing it! I think that I'm going to have to start doing "Take Out Some Insurance" and "Found Love" at my gigs now.

These guys are the real deal, and you should try to catch their next show at the Highway 99 on January 21st, when they will be featuring Seattle saxophonist and vocalist Dennis Ellis (The Crossroads Band) and the music of Howlin' Wolf.

Speaking of my gigs, Revivalists guitarist Greg Roberts and bassist Guy Quintino will be playing with me at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant in Pioneer Square on January 2nd. That's gonna be a good 'un too!

I'll see you at the nightclub!

Maxwell Street Revivalists - left to right: David Hudson (drums), Greg Roberts (guitar and vocals), Guy Quintino (acoustic and electric bass), and guest Mike Lynch.

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