Friday, March 16, 2007

"Remember me..."

A memorial concert celebrating the life, music and spirit of Paul deLay
Sunday, April 1, 2007, 7 pm - midnight
Kridel Grand Ballroom at the Portland Art Museum (1219 SW Park)

Featuring Duffy Bishop, Linda Hornbuckle, Lloyd Jones, Terry Robb and other special guests to be announced, hosted by former members of the Paul deLay Band in its various incarnations over the years (DK Stewart, David Vest, and Louis Pain on keyboards; Jim Mesi, Peter Dammann on guitar; Dave Kahl, John Mazzocco, Don Campbell on bass; Mike Klobas, Jeff Minnick, and Kelly Dunn on drums).

Tickets are $20, and are available in advance through the Portland Art Museum, 503-226-0973, or online at All funds raised will be used to defer the immediate family's medical and related expenses.

Open to All ages. Food and refreshments available at the venue.

Paul deLay wrote the haunting lament "Remember Me," after his mother, and the mothers of three band members, passed away during a two-year-period in the late 1990s. It was released on the Paul deLay Band's Heavy Rotation CD (Evidence Music) in 2001.

Paul deLay passed away on March 7 from complications due to late stage leukemia, diagnosed only days earlier. For more see John Foyston's piece in the Portland Oregonian:

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Mr. G said...

Hi Mike - I am a harp player, too, from the Chicago area. I am also a huge Paul deLay fan; my brother lives in Portland so I travel west frequently and caught Paul's shows whenever possible. I listened to "Remeber Me" this evening. Harmonica players around the world will be mourning this loss for a long time.

I dig your blog - I am going to add it as a link on my site. Here is a link to my blog if you are interested.

Mr. G