Friday, March 30, 2007

Best blues jam?

It looks like the Blue Monday jam that I used to host with the Midnight Movers at the Highway 99 Blues Club has been nominated for a BB Award by the Washington Blues Society (WBS). While I am honored by this nomination, I would like to encourage the members of the WBS to NOT vote for this gig. Here's why:
  • I haven't participated in this event at the Highway 99 since last December. The Blue Monday gig continues at the club, but is being hosted by a different band.

  • While the club was kind enough to let us host Blue Monday for two years, the truth is that the gig was never very well attended, with the exception of a small core of players and fans (see the photo below).

Look Ma, no fans!

I'd like to suggest that the jam most worthy of blues fans' votes this year is the Johnny Broomdust's Blues of the Past Jam at the Conor Byrne (in Ballard). Hosted by the terrific Broomdust Blues Band, this gig has been running even longer than Blue Monday, and a lot of great players and blues-loving fans actually show up at the gig. The Broomdust Blues Band is also nominated for best traditional act this year, an award they truly deserve.

So do the right thing - don't vote for "my" event this year!


Fatcat said...

Quite a statement, Playboy. I think it takes some humility to do this. But the Blues Society has not taken notice of your contributions to the Seattle "scene" over the course of your long career. Maybe you oughta take one for the team.

Of course, I suppose this award would go to the 99 rather than you, anyway...

Mike Lynch said...

Oh, I dunno - the Midnight Movers received the Best Band award from the WBS in 1998. Hmm...maybe they would give this other award to the club. Anyway, vote for the Broomdust Band's gig, ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Not to take anything away from you, Playboy, but there was a concerted effort to NOT get the Master of all Jams in town[we all know who that is] on the ballot. All are happy to see Broomdust on there, and they'll get the votes.

Mike Lynch said...