Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Harmonica Playboy & the Midnight Movers' Final Gig

New Orleans Creole Restaurant - December 23, 2006

The Harmonica Playboy & the Midnight Movers' final gig happened at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant on Saturday, December 23rd. This was a "stealth" gig - that is, the club had us booked on their calendar, but the gig wasn't on our calendar. We scrambled to do the gig, but a couple of our regular players players (drummer Kirk Tuttle and guitarist Tim Sherman) couldn't make it. So, I hired a couple of worthy replacements - drummer "Sweet" Billy Spaulding and keyboard expert Steve Flynn.

Billy and Steve fit right in, and man, we had a ball that Saturday night. Some of our friends showed up to sit in, too, including bassist Mark Dalton, harp blowers Dave Prez and John Deely, and vocalist Dana Luppinacci. Billy Spaulding also sang a couple of tunes, and did a great job. The sparse crowd got to hear some fine music from a damn fine Seattle Blues band.

My thanks to our friends that showed up for the gig and to the regular members of the Midnight Movers. It was a gas, guys!

Left to right: Mike Lynch, Patty Mey, and Steve Yonck

Steve Flynn and "Sweet" Billy Spaulding

Left to right: John Deely, Patty Mey, and Steve Yonck

Left to right: Dave Prez, Dana Luppinacci, and Steve Yonck

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