Friday, January 12, 2007

Guitar Slim rides again!

New Orleans Creole Restaurant - December 30, 2006

I caught Pat "Guitar Slim" Chase (left) backed by a hybrid version of the Crossroads Band at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant just before New Year's Eve. What a fun show! Pat was in town visiting family, and had played several dates in Tacoma before a final two-night stand at the New Orleans. I hear that the Tacoma band Loose Gravel & the Quarry backed Pat up on New Year's Eve. Yikes! I wonder how that show went?

Pat played in Seattle for years before splitting for the Southwest, and he currently lives in El Paso, TX (click here to see Mark Dalton's blog about Guitar Slim's days in Seattle). Like I said, Pat's backup band this evening consisted of past and current members of Seattle's Crossroads Band: Kirk Tuttle (drums), Mark Dalton (bass), Dennis Ellis (tenor sax/flute/vocals), and Steve Bailey (harp/guitar/slide guitar/vocals). These guys did a great job backing up Pat, who played both lead and slide guitar and sang for the assembled blues fans.
I've gotta mention here that Pat looked resplendent in a glittering blue suit with matching blue and white Stacy Adams shoes, while Dennis Ellis looked pretty sharp himself in a cool black and gold jacket with matching gold slacks. Excellentness!

The band - left to right: Kirk Tuttle, Dennis Ellis, Mark Dalton, and Steve Bailey

Good Rockin' Tonight!

Both Pat and Dennis used wireless setups for their instruments, so they both occasionally took a stroll out on the dance floor, something we don't see here in the Jet City too often. I'll bet these guys had a hundred cell phone photos taken of them while they were wandering around.

The club was pretty full for the show, including lots of Pat's fans from his tenure in Seattle. I ran into quite a few people that I haven't seen for quite some time.

Penny, Katha, and Susan

Dave and Pam

Pat and the band played a wide selection of blues tunes, a couple of country tunes, and I think I heard at least one Southern rock song thrown in there too - in other words, a pretty typical Guitar Slim gig. Pat even had yours truely and harp blower Jeff Herzog sit in with the band for a few numbers. A memorable gig - I'm glad I was there.

Last call for alcohol - see you next time, Pat!

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