Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Man, you shoulda been there...

Blue Monday - November 11th

The eight or ten people (not counting the handful of jammers) that attended the Blue Monday jam at the Highway 99 Blues Club last Monday were treated to a rare appearance by blues harp maestro and singer Mark Dufresne. Mark recently moved back to Seattle after working for several years as lead singer of Rhode Island's Roomful Of Blues.

Mark played several songs with the Midnight Movers during our first set, then returned to play again during the last set. He was joined Seattle guitar aces Chris Stevens, Eric Daw (filling in for Steve Yonck) and Tim Sherman. Whoo hoo - nice set! Man, it was good to see Lonesome Jerome on the stage again.

Mark Dufresne and Tim Sherman

Left to right: Mark Dufresne, Chris Stevens, Kirk Tuttle, and Tim Sherman

Like I said - you shoulda been there folks!

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