Thursday, December 07, 2006

Double bill at the Highway 99 Blues club.

Chris Stevens' Surf Monkeys and Harmonica Playboy & the Midnight Movers

November 17th, 2006

We played a double bill with Chris Stevens' Surf Monkeys at Seattle's Highway 99 Blues Club on Friday, November 17th. You don't see local bands playing at the Highway 99 on weekends very often, mainly because its difficult to draw much of a crowd, especially compared to out of town acts. So, we figured we'd try a double bill with two local acts, just like we used to do at the old Owl Cafe back in the day.

Friday night can be the slower night of the weekend at this club, and this Friday was somewhat disappointing - we only had 77 fans pay a cover, while the club has been drawing about 100 paying fans on Friday lately. Things were looking pretty good until about 11:30 PM, when the crowd started heading home.

Anyway, the music fans that did show up were treated to some great music, and a lot of them voted with their feet, keeping the dance floor pretty much full for most of the night. We really enjoyed playing with Chris Stevens' band - they are a class act, and featured Les Klinkingbeard and Brian Kent, two of Seattle's finest sax players. Please go out and see this band - they are well worth the effort!

Our thanks go out to all of the fans that showed up for this show, and to the Highway 99 Blues Club for hosting it. Here's a photo of the musicians that played the gig:

Back row, left to right: Kirk Tuttle, Mark Dalton, Mike Lynch, and Alan Isaacson

Front row, left to right: Brian Kent, Patty Mey, Les Klinkingbeard, Steve Yonck, Chris Stevens, and Tim Sherman

Note: The photo in this article was created by Tom Hunnewell.


Anonymous said...

So, Playboy, who is the unnamed player in the photo standing between Steve Yonck and Tim Sherman??

Mike Lynch said...

Oops! That's Chris Stevens, of course. I just fixed the photo caption. Thanks for the heads up.