Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Check, check...is this thing working?

Hello Blues fans! I will attempt here to document the life and times of the Seattle blues band that I front, Harmonica Playboy & the Midnight Movers, and maybe spew out some opinion and local blues music history pieces along the way.

The band consists of myself on amplified harp and vocals, Stoop Down on guitar, the Kid on guitar, the Mighty Mite on electric bass, and the Spiderman on drums. This is the usual lineup anyway - everybody plays in at least one other band. We play clubs in the Seattle area, with occasional trips to the suburbs and beyond. Check out the band's web page for more info.

Anyway, please give me some feedback on what you see here, and remember what the Boogie Man John Lee Hooker said - "Nothin' but the best, and later for the garbage!"


Blues Boss said...

Looks pretty darn good to me Mike!

Will check in periodically - as my typing improves!

teddy two shoes said...

Mike? Izzat you? I saw John Lee in Anchorage in the '80s--he had a band here and then took off to Oregon to run a video store--or at least he was dreaming of doing that. His old lady got pissed off at him one time and went to work in a Spenard whore house. No shit! I'll add my website below.