Sunday, June 08, 2014

I'm TRYING to Watch the Game Here!!

The Preachers played  at a new bar in Renton last night, a sports bar that features a gazillion beers on tap.  The joint's kitchen wasn't open yet, so customers had to order food via the phone from the surrounding restaurants, or leave the place, eat elsewhere, then return.

We set up on the bandstand, which is about four and a half feet above the floor and directly behind the bar.  This arrangement put all of our amplifiers at the ear level of the bartenders and wait staff. There was a house PA system that seemed to work fine for the hip hop music played on our breaks, but the mains appeared to be off when the band was playing.  I'm fairly certain that the only PA speaker that was working during our sets was the single floor monitor.

The bandstand.

The view from the bandstand.

I sent posters to the club, which were not in evidence anywhere.  Our gig did appear on the club's website, with a starting time shown as "all day."  The Preachers' name did not appear on the event board inside the club.  All of the big screen TVs were left on (sound off) during the gig, so that the customers would not be distracted by the band, I guess.

Bless the club's heart for hiring us, but the 20-something crowd in attendance couldn't have cared less about the music the Preachers were playing.  It occurred to me that if you want to determine what music is most appropriate for a club, pay attention to the music being played on the breaks.  At this place, familiar hip-hop and current R&B tunes were being blasted at the crowd, who seemed to be familiar with every tune.

I hate to say it, but why not just hire a DJ for this sort of venue?  Just curious!

On the positive side, we did get paid and the staff was helpful and friendly, so it's all good.  I don't think we would be interested in playing there again, though.

You can find out more about the Boneyard Preachers here.  See you at the nightclub!


Kurt Crandall said...

ahhh... Seattle Blues scene oh how I do not miss you! Read this the other day and could not help but feel for you MIke... You have had to endure this kind of stuff for a while as a Seattle resident - I only had to put up with it for a couple of years.. Such a shame - of all the places I have lived Seattle had some of the best musicians but some of the worst (and fewest) places to play... Go figure! Good luck brotha!


Michael Lynch said...

Hi Kurt! Yeah, it continues to be slim pickins around here. Looks like you're doin' OK!43311

Unknown said...

I echo the Seattle Blues state of the just shake your head and power thru it.....or you up and try something else (like I did, hahaha)


Fast Strings said...

I don't know whatcher guys are bitchin' about?? Don't Seattle have the EMP and Paul Allen ( who kills on blues guitar!! ) to promote you local guys in Seattle?? I heard there were GREAT blues clubs in Seattle like the J&M and Jazz Alley, and don't forgot about Bumbershoot and Pioneer Place, too.
Plus, Jim Allchin is from the northwest...wait, he doesn't play any gigs...but there is the WBS society who promotes all the cool bands!! You know my sayin...gotta start to schmooze if you wanna play the blues!!

Michael Lynch said...

Fast Strings is it? So tell me, what's so fast about strings, anyway? I mean, they just sit there until someone starts bangin' on 'em, then all they can do is vibrate. Fast my arse!

Unknown said...

Fast Strings- What you talkin' about??? Paul Allen and EMP promoting?

You gotta schmooze???
Dude, we play the blues (or, I used too), coz I care about the groove. The WBS can always kiss my ass. I don't do it for the attention.

Are you secretly the WBS prez or something? Or, Jim Allchin (no neck)

Who's Jim Allchin?

Did you say "You gotta schmooze"??? Really?

David Hudson

Fast Strings said...

ML, it ain't the strings that are fast so much, as my fingers...and my pedal board!
Plus, did you ever hear about this great harmonica player in town who wears a harmonica chap??
Well I wear my pedal board in a pedal chap, so I can get to them faster...

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