Sunday, May 19, 2013

'80s Vintage Photos from the Vault

I managed to get my flatbed scanner working again this morning, so I went into the Jet City Blues vault and rummaged around in the photo section, back behind the pile of vintage vacuum tubes and pinup calendars.

So, here are a batch of previously unpublished (outside of this blog, anyway) photos from the Seattle/Portland blues scene, mostly from the '80s, I believe.  You know, before digital photography.  I couldn't identify everyone in every photo, so help us out here wherever you can, would ya? 

Check it out:

Son Seals at the Jolly Roger Roadhouse in Seattle.

Wild Child Butler and Roberta Penn at the Jolly Roger Roadhouse in Seattle.  Roberta was a music writer for The Rocket Magazine at the time.

David Brewer at the Jolly Roger Roadhouse in Seattle.

Tom McFarland at the Owl Cafe in Seattle.

King Strut at a long gone joint in Seattle.  Left to right:  Mike Lynch, Jeannie Dumont, John Lee, and Jeff Ziontz.  Kirk Tuttle is back there on the drums.

The Recession Blues Band.  That's Fat James on the far right.  I believe that this was some sort of event put on by the East Lake Zoo folks in Seattle.

The Phantom Sound Guy (aka: Patrick Lynch), somewhere in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood.

Jeff Jiontz in Pt. Angeles, WA.

Left to right: Steve Bailey, Tony Thomas, and Jack Cook.  Jam session at the G-Note Tavern in Seattle.

Unknown keyboard player and Blackie Jo James at the Freemont Tavern in Seattle.

Left to right: Mike Lynch, "Barrelhouse" Chuck Goering, and Bob West in Ketchikan, AK.

"Barrelhouse" Chuck Goering in Ketchikan, AK.

Left to right: Leslie Milton, guitarist Perry Adams, Mike Lynch, and bassist John Lee in my backyard.

Tom "T-Boy" Boyle at Doc Maynard's in Seattle.

Leslie Milton and saxophonist/singer Ron "Sweet Talkin' Jones" Ussery at the West Seattle Street Fair.

Patty Mey at the West Seattle Street Fair.

Keyboardist Steve Flynn and guitarist Brian Butler at the University Bistro in Seattle.

Sonny Hess and Margo Tufo at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival.

Bill Rhodes' Party Kings with Leslie Milton sitting in on drums in Portland.  I don't recall the guitarist's name, but I believe that that's Dave Kahl on bass.

Leslie Milton being interviewed by Bill Rhoades on KBOO FM in Portland.

Bill Rhoades and Leslie Milton in Portland.
Left to right: Drummer Les Merrihew, drummer/vocalist Rockin' Rick, guitarist  Jim Mesi, Mike Lynch, bassist Patty Mey.  This was probably a Rockin' Rick/Jim Mesi gig at the Owl Cafe in Seattle.

Drummer Les Hutchinson at the Owl Cafe in Seattle.  Les lives in Portland now.

Chris Stevens at the Owl Cafe in Seattle, playing a Stratocaster!

Howard Hooper and John Hodgkin at the Owl Cafe in Seattle.

Kirk Tuttle and Jimmie Jean at the Owl Cafe. 

Out of the Blue opening for William Clarke at the Seattle Firehouse.  Left to right: Les White, John Hodgkin, unknown drummer, and Tim Sherman.

Stevie and the Blue Flames at the Oasis Club in Seattle.  Left to right:  unknown bassist, Tom "Dawg" Berghan, Steve Bailey, and Chris Stevens.

Jim Mesi and John Hodgkin at the Owl Cafe in Seattle.

Brother Dave and harp blower/singer Perry Welsh.  Perry lives in Nashville now.

Tom Boyle and Mike Lynch at an undisclosed location in Seattle.

Super blues fans Mati and Dave Green  in Seattle. 

Jeff and Miki Ziontz

Butch "Mighty Flea" Rogers

Thanks again for stopping by.  You can check out the Boneyard preachers here.  See you at the nightclub!


Unknown said...

Wow...that's just awesome.....

Unknown said...

Wow...that's just awesome.....

Mike L, thanks for that....

Robert F. Gant said...

A lot of history there Mike. Glad I was able to work with all the musicians and at all the venues.