Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rockabilly & Country Show at the Shanty Tavern

I wandered down to the Shanty Tavern in Lake City last Saturday with Greg Roberts and Bubba McCoy to see a rockabilly/country music show that was being put on by our friend and guitarist Johnny Mercury

The Shanty is a small roadhouse out on Lake City Way that, as far as I can tell, is only open for music events.  I recall playing at a short-lived jam session there years ago.  The tavern shares a large parking lot with the Seven Seas Chinese Restaurant, which is convenient because you can buy liquor there between sets at the Shanty.

There were three bands performing at this show, and I really enjoyed all of them.  First up was Johnny Mercury's trio (with our pal Guy Quintino on bass), followed by Lisa and Her Kin (a fine country band from Portland), and finally, the Rainieros, another cool country band from Seattle.There was a good turnout for the show, lots of nice lookin' ladies, and great music.  I highly recommend checking out some shows at the Shanty - they feature plenty of events that fans of roots music will enjoy.

Here's some photos from the show:

The Johnny Mercury Trio - Left to right: Guy Quintino, Brian Elledge, and Johnny Mercury


These guys were playing at the Seven Seas - I didn't catch their name.

Did I mention the ladies? Left to right: Megan, Samantha, Michelle, Jenny, and Marjory.
Thanks, gals!

Marc and Gaby Bristol were also at this show.  Marc is the publisher of Blue Suede News

Lisa and Her Kin

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