Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blues Eye Photos

Here are some photos that David Brewer sent to me some time ago of his Seattle band Blues Eye.  From the clothes and hair styles, I'm guessing that these photos were created sometime in the '70s.  I recall seeing Blues Eye at the old Pipeline Tavern, and believe that they used to back up Albert Collins when he came to town.

Sunburn City!  Hey Dave, where was the band playing this summer day?

This looks like an "Images by Edy" photo to me.  Edy and her little poodle dog ran a studio in Seattle's University District.  Many Seattle bands had promo photos created by Edy.  I wonder what happened to her photo stash after she passed away?

I believe that our drummer friend Les Hutchinson (second from left here) is in all of these photos.  He lives in Portland now. Maybe Dave can identfy the other players for us.


Les Hutchinson said...

Hi All, Les Hutchinson here to ID the pics.
Top picture was taken in Longview, WA for a biker rally. Super hot that day, I'd jump from the drums directly into the river that was about 100 yards in front of the stage during breaks. This was in '76, I believe. Both this and the middle picture feature DB guit/vox, Bruce (Willie) McLoud keys/bg vox, Michael Johnson bass and myself on drums. Yes, middle pic was shot at Edy's studio.
Bottom pic was taken earlier, maybe '75 at the train depot near Ballard. From left to right:
'Boom' Gaspar keys, myself, Jim ? bass and DB.
Thanks for posting these, Mike.

Mike Lynch said...

Ah, the mystery is revealed - thanks Les!

Dawn said...

Edy's my neighbor. She has not passed away yet, though she tells me she retired ten years ago, when she turned 75.

I can ask her what she did with her photos. Please post again here if you want to contact her.

Dawn, Edy's neighbor.