Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jimmy Reed Tribute

As I mentioned in my most recent blog, I will be playing with the Maxwell Street Revival band on December 17th at the Highway 99 Blues Club as part of a tribute to the music of the great Jimmy Reed.

So give a brother a hand here, please, and suggest some of your favorite Jimmy Reed tunes that you might like to hear at this show. Here are some of the tunes that I'm considering:

Honest I Do
You Don't Have To Go
High And Lonesome
I Ain't Got You
Bright Lights, Big City
Down In Virginia

Hey, it's a start...come on now, lay some of your favorite Reed tunes on me for consideration. As they used to say in Chicago, vote soon and vote often.

Thanks, and see you at the nightclub!


Mike Lynch said...

See, this is what I get for not blogging for so many months...

Dennis said...

Mike how about "You got me Dizzy" and "Take out some Insurance"

Bassman Walking said...

Mike Little by Little, Shame Shame Shame.

Mike Lynch said...

Hmm...I've heard Jr. Wells do the tune "Little By Little," but not Jimmy Reed. Pretty complicated tune for Mr. Reed!

Big Crawford said...

Well, we weren't quite drunk enough, but Mike, you did a great job summoning the spirit of Jimmy Reed. I recorded the set, but I need to get drunk and edit it down. Let me know if you want any MP3s from the show. I wonder if there are any blues fans in Seattle (besides Mike) that appreciate the guys that came before us. Maybe all of them have regular gigs on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Anyway, in January we'll be featuring Dennis Ellis doing a set of Howlin' Wolf.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks, Big! I'll try to make it for the Dennis Ellis set - a great player!