Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Northwest blues show poster art.

Here's a nice selection of posters from blues shows in both Seattle and Portland that span the years from late '70s to 2007. My thanks to John Marshall and Isis Thor, who contributed most of these posters (those contributed by John Lee and Phil Chesnut are the exceptions). I have identified a couple of the artists only - if anyone can identify any of the others, I would appreciate it. I suspect that John Marshall and Kim Field created several of these blasts from the past.

My apologies for the large size of so many of the files. Click on any poster for a larger view.


Poster created by Phil Chesnut

Hmm...this Harmonica guy looks familiar.

Poster created by Phil Chesnut

Poster created by John Marshall

Poster created by Mike Lynch. A fine example of the Ransome Note school of poster art...

Owl Cafe schedule - front

Owl Cafe schedule - back

Poster contributed by John Lee

Poster created by Mike Lynch

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Ricky Bush said...

Cool stuff, for certain! Man, there are some kind of shows documented on those! Anyway--

See ya--