Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This and that...

I noticed the other day that the ye olde digital camera was filling up with photos, so it's time to publish a few, I reckon. Check these out:

Andrew Lynch and Ron Ussery. My son Andrew was having problems playing this one certain note on his alto sax a while back, and it was really freaking him out. So, I called Ron Ussery up and he was kind enough to have us come over to see if there was something wrong with Andew's axe. After evaluating the horn and Andrew's technique, Ron suggested switching to a lighter reed, and waddya know, that fixed the problem - thanks Ron!

Kurt Crandall & True Story at the Blarney Stone Pub in downtown Seattle. Left to right: Kurt Crandall, Patty Mey, and Tim Sherman. That's David Hudson back there on the drums.

Kurt Crandall and fans

Bubba McCoy at the Salmon Bay Eagles, filling in for me for a few songs. I was very sick that night and probably shouldn't have even showed up for this gig. You The Man, Bubba!

Brian Butler and Chris Leighton at the Salmon Bay Eagles.

Left to right: Jimie Jean, Eddie, and singer Blackie Jo James at Brian Butler's gig at the Salmon Bay Eagles. Blackie Jo promised to sit in at my next gig -you better be there girl!

These photos were created at the legendary DJ Early Byrd's birthday party hosted by the John Stephan Band at the Salmon Bay Eagles Club in April. Early Byrd split split shortly after the first set, so I didn't get a photo of him. Lots of great musicians jammed during this show.

Left to right: Brother Maynard, Trev Cutler, and Tom Roesch

Roger Lindgren and guitarist Bill Lovey.

Rhea, bassist Charlene Grant, Penny, and Jill

The Blues Boss, guitarist Mike Edwards, and singer Dana Lupinacci.

Left to right: Unknown, guitarists Jack Cook and Daddy Treetops, and bassist John Lee.

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore

Marcia the Kitchen Wench

Left to right: Daddy Treetops, Jeff Herzog, John Stephan, Trev Cutler, and Tom Roesch

Speaking of the Salmon Bay Eagles, here's another video created by John Gulla at the club during their 18th anniversary party on 1/17/08. That's Brian Lee on slide guitar and vocals, Kirk Tuttle on drums, Mark Dalton on bass, and Brian Butler on guitar.


Paddy said...

So, just what kind of reed would be used on an axe? Would that be aluminum?

Ricky Bush said...

Nice flix, Mike.

See ya--

-Zab- said...

John's video just proves it!
We gotta do SOMETHING with the lighting at Salmon Bay Eagles! Even with my flash and zoom, the photos turn out dark. I see that someone had turned the one spot so it aimed at the ceiling and not in their eyes. I think something cheap at one of the Big Box stores like Home Depot would work for that space, so we could get rid of the too bright spots. We should talk more about it. Any ideas?

Mike Lynch said...

Zab - I agree! I'm in for a contribution for improving the lights at the Eagles. Our friends at American Music could give us some guidance on this...I'm playing there this Thursday, let's talk.