Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jon Gindick's Blues Harmonica Jam Camp - May 21-24

This just in from our friend and fellow blues harp blower Ray Beltran:

What: Jon Gindick's Blues Harmonica Jam Camp
When: May 21-24, 2008, Wednesday through Saturday
Where: Gig Harbor, Washington
Instructors: Harp giants Kim Field, Ray Beltran, Grant Dermody, Jimi Lee, Cheryl Arena, and Jon Gindick.
Phone: 800-646-9245

We will be joined in this Northwestern paradise by the Malcolm Clark Band. This camp is filling up. Join us at the luxurious and reasonable Inn at Gig Harbor.

General Jam Camp Curriculum (depending on your level)

Lip-blocking and tongue-blocking single notes, chording, octaves, slaps, bending, articulation, rhythm, riffs, phrasing, songs, positions, amplification, horn lines, I-IV-V, scale degrees, harp country style, theory, overblowing, 3rd position, harp gapping, singing, the arts of improvisation, and adding feeling.

You'll have one -on-ones, small groups based on level, daily jamming with the band, and direct feedback. All ages welcome. All levels welcome!

Jam Camp is a powerful musical experience for the rawest beginner to the most jaded veteran. Enrollment is limited to about 35, with up to six teachers, and many separate meeting rooms. Separate spaces, different approaches, lots of jamming time.

Strong beginners program!
Incremental anti-stage fright program!
Learn by jamming!

Seven Ways We Focus on Your Harp Playing Development

- Pre-seminar feedback, phone lesson with Jon for feedback and suggestions.
- Follow up face to face lesson, one on one lesson with a coach at Jam Camp.
- Small jamming classes and practice groups especially for your level.
- General meetings exposing us to “The Big Picture” from great players.
- Confidence building atmosphere for new players and stage scared jammers.
- Learn by doing. jam with others of your own level. Get feedback.
- Practice CD’s, notes to take home.

$649.00 for 4-Days of Harpin’ Glory

Enrollment is limited but there is still room.

Or call 800-646-9245 or 310-457-8278

Why four days? So we can relax, and let the work settle in. So we all get away from the normal BS a little longer. But what if I work a day job and can only come on the weekend? E-mail me at for solutions.

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