Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blog this!

By David Brewer

Hey ya'll,

I'm back - three months was a long time on the road, but Europe, Scandinavia, Germany, and Poland were all Big Fun!

I sold a lot of CDs and made many new fans. Argentina will be the next tour for old man Brewer, but I refuse to go until next summer. So, I'll be out and about and around my home town to see some folks play, just see some friends, and generally run amuck.

So until I see you all, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year...

And oblige.. Brewer

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Lady Starlite said...

Mr. Brewer,

You are a very hard man to For the last 6-7 years I have searched everywhere and I have emailed and made phone calls to every place possible to see if I could buy your "Bad Habits" and "All Tore Down" on a CD and where to find them. I had them both on a cassette tape since 1994 -1995 around there and they are completely worn out. Your website lacks updates and the links to buy your music where very outdated. I wondered for many years if you were still living. I was in Arizona for 9 years. But now I am back in Washington state which is my home state. I was so excited today when I went to your website and found out that I can buy your CD's on Thanks for updating that..but the links still don't go directly to the right page. But I did find you on there. I ordered both "Bad Habits" and "Absolutely" as soon as I saw it! I was soooooo excited to find those. However I am still lacking the CD of "All Tore Down". Please tell me you have put that on CD. Also is there any way I can find out how and where to buy it! Please help me get that CD! It is a MUST HAVE for me. I have searched for so many years now. I see your latest blog on here is Dated Dec. 2007 so I know you are still around. I wish you would do some shows here in washington state. I used to live up there on the eastside Bellevue area. But now I am down here in vancouver Near Portland, Oregon. If you just played anywhere in washington or Oregon, I would be there for sure! I would love to see you in concert. I have never seen you play and I would love to. A friend turned me on to your music back in 1994. I've been turning it on to others ever since. Keep the music coming David..but hey help us find it will

Love and Peace,
Lady Starlite