Monday, September 17, 2007

KT's Tube Amp Repair

Got an old tube guitar amp in the closet (garage/attic/basement) that quit working a few years ago? How about that favorite amp that is sounding kind of lifeless these days?

Well friends, our old friend (and great blues drummer) Kirk "KT" Tutttle can help! KT started his amp repair business about a year ago, and has brought many tube amps back to life since then. Some of the amps I've seen in his shop included a vintage Ampeg B-12, a tweed Fender Tremolux (sweet!), a brown Fender Concert (double sweet!!), and my old '62 Fender Princeton.

If you've got an amp that needs some work, contact KT at 206-478-0983, or via e-mail at His shop is located in Seattle's north end just off of Aurora. Tell 'em the Playboy sent ya!

The Mad Scientist at his secret laboratory somewhere in north Seattle.

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