Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some deLay memorial concert snapshots.

I attended the recent Paul deLay memorial concert in Portland, OR, and took the snapshots seen below with my trusty Canon. Ironically, I was given an all access pass to this show (thanks, Megan!), but didn't realize that I could go backstage until the show was over. DOH!!
So, these photos were created in the venue's lobby or in the downstairs bar. The show was being simulcasted on a big screen in the bar and the sound was pretty good in that room, so a lot of the participating musicians were hanging out there between sets. Oh yeah, there was beer there too.
Here ya go:
Guitarist Chris Carlson and vocalist Duffy Bishop

Bassist Don Campbell and pianist/vocalist DK Stewart

Harp maestro/vocalist Mark Dufresne and friend

Pam Kelley-Elend, Susan Waterworth, and Megan deLay

Harp maestro Bill Rhoades and his wife Cindy

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