Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Curtis Salgado Update

From the Curtis Salgado web page.


The road to recovery will soon lead to home for musician Curtis Salgado. He should return to Portland before the end of the year.

Salgado, who'd been diagnosed with liver cancer in March of 2006, has spent the past two months at The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha where he received a life-saving liver transplant on September 30th.

Overall, his recovery has gone well. He did undergo a second surgery three weeks after his transplant due to abdominal bleeding. He was also hospitalized for a suspected rejection episode, but both issues have been resolved.

Salgado's transplant team says his liver function is completely normal. They expect him to make a full recovery. Right now, specialists are closely monitoring his medications and overall condition, as is standard practice.

Once released, Salgado will continue his follow-up care in Oregon. He may return to Nebraska for annual check-ups.

Fundraising continues to be a primary concern. Two substantial loans were secured at the eleventh hour allowing for the transplant. In addition to the upcoming loan payments, future expenses include medications, anti-rejection drugs, follow up medical care, travel and living expenses. All merchandise available at will benefit the Curtis Salgado Fund. Donations to the "Curtis Salgado Fund" continue to be accepted and can be made at any US Bank or can be mailed to US Bankcorp, 2550 NW 188 Avenue, Hillsboro, OR 97124


TT said...

Mike: What was the guy's name who recorded Nitelife at the Shamrock Bar and Supper Club?

Mike Lynch said...

Ted - Dunno, I don't recall anyone recording the band at the Shamrock. I would like to hear that tape, if it exists, though!