Sunday, October 22, 2006

Memo to my fellow Seattle Blues Nazis.

While I was perusing the October 2006 edition of the Washington Blues Society's Bluesletter today, I read Roy Brown's monthly "Sound Off" column. In this column, Roy reprints a letter from Seattle singer Mary McPage, who fronts the Mary McPage Band.

In her letter, Ms. McPage, discribes the 1998 Seattle Blues Nazis as a "...negative, hateful, splinter group..." of the WBS. Then she describes the current Blues Nazis organization as "Blues Police" who are arrogant, "ignorant idiots." Apparently, she picked up the Blues Police moniker from a recent Blues-To-Don'ts blog article.

Oh boy - OK, first of all, I want to reassure all of you that we have not changed the name of the organization from the Blues Nazis to the Blues Police. As we have all endlessly discussed, Blues Nazis is the perfect name, since it seems to irritate the most number of people possible. Also, the logo artwork for my sometime band, Kid Porno & the Blues Nazis, is bought and paid for, so it's too late to change the name of the band.

Now here's the thing that really concerns me - remember our last meeting (sheesh, a couple of years ago now) when we all decided to keep a low profile? We all agreed that there wasn't any money in trying to advance the cause with people that still think that "Messin' With The Kid" was written by Jake and Elwood Blues, or that "Somebody Loan Me A Dime" was written by Boz Skaggs (or the Allman Brothers). So, what the hell - which one of you guys pushed Ms. McPage's button? Frankly, I'm confused - there hasn't been much in the way of dissenting opinion in the Bluesletter for years, and I doubt that Mary's band gets heckled by any of our minions, so why the whining on her part?

You know what? I think she's mad at Brother Chesnut. Now, I know (I know!) that sometimes our Art Director, Phil Chesnut, can't help from speaking his mind. Heck, Ms. McPage says in her letter that "...Just because one can write about the blues, take a picture of blues musicians or perhaps draw nice litle pictures, does not make a blues expert..." Goodness! Take one for the team, Phil!

Anyway, let's hope this latest incident will blow over and we can continue our Blues work behind the scenes. Keep up the good work, fellow Blues brothers and sisters! Check your decoder rings for our next meeting date.

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Tall Cool One said...

As a card carrying Blues Nazi, and a guy who wouldn't walk across First Avenue to see Ms. McPage engage in interspecies erotica with a boa constrictor for free, I got to say right on to the Playboy. Having been once lectured in print by Mr. Brown myself for violating his "big tent" concept of the blues, and for making "divisive" comments in an article published earlier in the Bluesletter, I was shocked to see him printing THIS disrespectful drivel! But I'm keeping a low profile these days, as we agreed, and I'm trying to stay out of trouble with the WBS, so I won't say anything mean here!