Monday, June 05, 2006

Seattle Curtis Salgado Benefit Photos - Pt. 3

OK folks, here's the final round of photos from the Curtis Salgado benefit. Thanks again to everyone that contributed their pics. Enjoy!

Charlene Grant and Mike Lynch - Photo by Mike Syverson

Steve Bailey - Photo by the Blues Boss

Highway 99 Blues Club soundman Greg Thompson - Photo by Jack Cook

Bill Lovey, John Rockwell, and Jeff Herzog (Jeff & the Jet City Flyers) - Photo by Phil Chesnut

Dennis Ellis and Steve Bailey (Crossroads Band) - Photo by Phil Chesnut

Steve Yonck, David Hudson, Mike Wilde, Guy Quintino, and Eric Daw (Hudson Blues Band) - Photo by Phil Chesnut

Dan Newton, John Rockwell, and John Lee (Crossroads Band) - Photo by Phil Chesnut

Jeff Herzog - Photo by Phil Chesnut

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