Saturday, April 08, 2006

Photos from the vault - the Polaroid series

Speaking of the Fremont Tavern, I took most of these photos there (with the exception of the Blackie Jo James and Mike Lynch/Les Milton pics) with a Polaroid camera that I owned for a while. That explains the less than stellar quality!

There are also a couple of photos here that were taken at the gone, but not forgotten Old Timer's Cafe (Pioneer Square) and the Cotton Club in Seattle's Central District neighborhood. Enjoy!

Abu Nafay (David Brewer Band) - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Blackie Jo James - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Blues fans Dave and Marsha Green - Fremont Tavern, 1987

David Brewer - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Glenn Castonguay (sitting in with the Bluestars) - Fremont Tavern, 1987

John Lee and Jeff Ziontz (the Bluestars) - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Kevin Milton (sitting in with the Bluestars) - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Leon Homer (sitting in with the Bluestars) - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Leslie "Stardrums" Milton - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Brother Kevin Lynch and John Lee - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Ken Burns (denizen of the deep) - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Mike Lynch - Fremont Tavern, 1987

Tim Sherman - Cotton Club, 1988

Mike Lynch and Les Milton - Cotton Club, 1987

Jeff Ziontz and Mark Dalton - Old Timer's Cafe, 1987

Note: Do YOU have some great old snapshots of Northwest blues bands that the readers of the Jet City Blues blog might enjoy? If so, send 'em to me, and we will post the worthy ones here.


Tall Cool One said...

Great pictures! Leslie Milton is such a beautiful guy... and what the heck is Jeff Ziontz doing? Does anybody hear from him? A great guitar player.

Mike Lynch said...

I believe that Jeff has pretty much been concentrating on playing jazz. Last I heard, he was playing with Maia Santell & House Blend. Check her web page here: