Saturday, November 19, 2005

Seattle Superharp Showcase

The New Orleans Creole Restaurant
October 14 – 15, 2005

We had a great time at the third annual Superharp Showcase this last October. As usual, the gig happened at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, and the Midnight Movers did a sterling job backing up the six featured harp players (including yours truly).

Steve Yonck, Jeff Herzog, and the Mighty Mite.

I opened the show each night with a set of Midnight Movers tunes and then turned the show over to the featured players. On Friday night, Jeff Herzog (Jeff & the Jet City Fliers) played a great second set, followed by Seattle’s resident Little Walter expert, Dave Prez (the Combo Nation). The show was wrapped up (Friday and Saturday) by our friend from Salem, Oregon, Ray Beltran. Ray was killing us with the big, juicy tone he was getting out of his low-power Fender Twin Amp clone (manufactured by Mojo Tone, I believe). Mercy!

Ray Beltran and Mike Lynch

The harp amps of doom!

Friday’s gig was fun, but Saturday really rocked, stoked in part by a standing room only crowd from the very beginning on the night. Also, Tom “T-Boy” Boyle (Becki-Sue & Her Big Rockin’ Daddies) filled in for Steve Yonck on guitar on Saturday and did a tremendous job for us. Northwest veteran harpist Steve Bailey (the Crossroads Band) tore up the second set, followed by another old friend, Kim Field, for the third set. I wish we could see Kim play more often – we usually only get to see him at these occasional harp shows, and he is always great. We wrapped up the show with Kim and Ray both playing harp, while I sang the last few songs with the Midnight Movers.

Tom "T-Boy" Boyle and Steve Bailey. Photo by Tom Hunnewell.

Kim Field - Photo by Phil Chestnut.

My thanks to the owner (Gaye Anderson) and the staff at the New Orleans for doing their usual great job of hosting this show, and for continuing to support the blues (and jazz) all these years. And thanks to all of the fans that made it a great weekend for all of us!

Please drop by the New Orleans when you’re in Pioneer Square for dinner and a show – it’s just about the last roots music club left in the neighborhood.

The New Orleans Creole Restaurant is located at 114 1st Avenue South in Seattle (206-622-2563).


Tom Boyle (T-Boy) said...

If I didn't have harp players like these guys(and bandmate Jim King) to back up I would have no use for my guitars. Period!

Blues Boss said...

I can't believe that you found a photo of T-Boy Neal actually standing up straight!!! Hey Tommy did you notice that their amps are almost a big as yours???